All About Physicians Preferred CBD from the Founder Michael Oria

"I always had a background in agriculture. My family has been farming for multiple generations. My dad still does it today. I always had that passion for botany and plants and everything green. But then later on in life, I kind of developed also a passion for health and wellness. I studied medicine in college. It was kind of the natural marriage between the two. Marijuana, or cannabis, being the most medicinal plant that we know of was starting to make a really big dent in the pharmaceutical industries. It's dealing with a lot of things that they've been trying to deal with, without the side effects and having better results at it. I saw it as an opportunity for me to pursue what I believed in, which was a natural approach to helping people getting to a better state of wellness."

"Fast forward a couple years, I am growing cannabis in Colorado, and I'm introduced to CBD. I have been suffering with autoimmune issues also for over 15 years. At the time, I had about 45 different medicines that controlled nausea, inflammation, pains. After being introduced to CBD, it completely eliminated the need for me to have any of those medications. It did everything. It did all the benefits of what was in that bag without any of the side effects. So, from that moment on I decided we're going to pursue CBD, and we got into industry."

"We started developing strains that had high CBD, but as well as the CBD, high CBG, high CBN, other cannabinoids that synergistically help the CBD. We spent a number of years working on those genetics before we came out with Physicians Preferred. Physicians Preferred is a culmination of all the knowledge I've accumulated over my lifetime of work in different industries, from hydroponic, study of medicine and working on the farms with my family. And it's essentially the highest quality cannabinoid profile, extraction process, and then the infusion method to make a high-end CBD product that was going to be able to compete with some of these large pharmaceutical companies. This was going to be an alternative for a lot of people. It was going to help a lot of people."

"And then keep it in that space where people felt comfortable. It wasn't the marijuana leaf. It was something that was like a Tylenol that you would take. It helped with your inflammation, it helped with your arthritis, it helped you with your headache, or helped with your indigestion. There's a lot of different things, but a lot of that propaganda kept people away from it. So that's where Physicians Preferred kind of came about. We wanted to make something high quality and something that was going to be comfortable for the majority of people, the people who need it the most, for the people who are most affected by years of propaganda."

"When we grow, we grow organically. We're away from any mountains as well, and I'll explain why that's important. But the soil that we use is high in folic acid. They're composted ancient lake beds that we've mixed in with other organic components to create the soils that feed these plants. So there's no nutrients being fed to these plants, producing salt build up within the cells that's going to eventually come out into the extracts, contaminating it. We don't use pesticides either. We use all predatory bugs like ladybugs, that eat any of the would-be predators."

"And as I previously mentioned, we're away from any mountains. Colorado was very big into mining over a hundred years ago. And all those old mines have heavy runoff that would run and wash down every time it rains into the soil. So anyone who's growing outdoors close enough to the mountains are getting some of this heavy motor runoff. And these plants are biocumulative, so anything in the soil, molybdenum, aluminum, arsenic, it's going to pick it up and it's going to hold it within the cells. And when you extract it, that's also going to come into the extract."

"So we start from square one. Make sure the soil is good. Make sure there's no contaminants that these plants could possibly pick up. We hand cut everything so that there is no contamination from vehicles, oil dripping, exhaust fumes. We don't have to transport it anywhere either, because we're curing onsite and then we're extracting onsite. So we do the molecular distillation after winterization on the property to have for no room for error, where the plant could be transported on a truck, pick up some mold, or what have you. Try to keep it as close and as clean as possible."

"Our manufacturing process is in an FDA registered facility. We're permitted for hemp foods, ingestibles, with the state. It's one of the first programs now running under the guidance of the FDA, under the Florida Agricultural Department. We follow GMP guidelines."

"Physician's Preferred is a brand that you could trust. It's no adulterants. It's exactly what it is and there's no gimmicks. These products are formulated to affect you in the most potent way, the most bioavailable methods. And we will never do a product that doesn't have its merits. So that's why we don't do the gummies, we don't do ingestibles where there's decarboxylation in the digestive system. We do sublinguals so it does absorb straight into the bloodstream. We use MCT coconut oil because it's the most bioavailable. We don't do any sort of water soluble or nano products that are just marketing terms. CBD will never be water soluble. It's a suspension, at best. So using Physicians Preferred, you're going to have a high quality, affordable product that you can count on and trust."

We use MCT coconut oil because it's the most bioavailable. We don't do any sort of water soluble or nano products that are just marketing terms. CBD will never be water soluble. We use coconut because of ethics. MCT oil is a medium chain triglyceride. You could derive it from many sources. The most common and the most inexpensive method is from palm oil. But we all know palm oil is responsible for the loss of habitat for orangutans. So because of that we go to the coconut oil, which you could also get medium chain triglycerides. It's more expensive, but at the end of the day, it's something that we could stand by. Aside from that, the benefits of using an MCT is the fact that it's a 93% fat content within this solution. So, the CBD is going to dissolve within 93% of that, creating very small molecule size, allowing your body to absorb it. If you do happen to swallow it, it goes straight to the liver, converts into energy, creating ketones, taking the CBD into the bloodstream as well.


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